Software Development Section, COEP

The official club for software development of College of Engineering, Pune.

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About SDS

SDS is a team of students who take up projects with the aim of resolving technical needs of the college.

The Start

The club was founded by a group of final year computer engineering students on April 26th, 2017

The Authority

SDS is the only club in COEP for software development which is officially approved by Gymkhana.

The Code

Our team is proficient in C, JAVA, LAMP Stack, MERN Stack, Drupal and Full stack web development.

The Team

The core team is responsible for overall functioning of the club and consists of 5 students for the year 2020-21

The Activites

SDS hosts numerous events including workshops, technical talks, hackathons and other technical competitions throughout the year.

The Vision

To promote in-house development of technological solutions and provide a platform for software development to students.

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Our Projects

Projects at SDS are motivated by the desire to solve major, real-life problems faced by the college. Ranging from database management to web-design, the projects cover a wide spectrum of technologies. Some of our projects are mentioned below:

Talks and Sessions

1. Talks by Shradhit Subudhi & Parag Verma on Masters & GRE Prep
2. Talk by Ashish Tetali on the World of Finance
3. Interactive session by Varad Ghodke on cracking GRE
4. Hands-on session on LAMP stack and working with AJAX
5. Hands-on 3 day React lecture series
6. Hands-on session on Android Development
7. Hands-on 2 day workshop on Flutter Development
8. Hands-on 3 day workshop on MERN(Mongo Express React Node) stack
9. Hands-on 4 day workshop on GraphQL and Gatsby.js
10. Hands-on session on deploying projects live on AWS
11. Hands-on session on Nginx
12. Hands-on 2 day workshop on Docker
13. Session on Progressive web app by Rohit Chaudhari
14. Hands-on 2 day workshop on Redux by Savan Nahar
15. SDS Alumni Meet and QnA Session through Zoom


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